The West and Neoliberalism Grapples with COVID19

India initiates largest lockdown in history

COVID19 and Global Prisoners

We take the position of the UN, release all prisoners to stem the spread of COVID-19. Revisit and disrupt this modern day slavery system, specifically the privatized system here in the USA. Over 90% of all recent cases never see a fair trial but only plea bargains: often resulting in jail time for those guilty or innocent. Utilize this time to modify this system which has proven to be, at best, despicably unfair. The UN should appoint a committee to review this vast, unwieldy and predatory system, may we suggest, while leaning heavily on the findings of Foucault.

The inhumane treatment of political prisoner Julian Assange continues as he was recently denied bail, he requested bail on the grounds that he is at high risk of contracting the deadly virus. He is currently stationed at London’s Belmarsh max security prison.

$2T US stimulus gains momentum and sent to the House

Should we call the provision in the package to prohibit President Trump, VP Pence and their respective family members from receiving tax relief from the stimulus the Hunter Biden clause/rule?

On another note regarding the stimulus, there’s the proverbial elephant in the room, not much discussed but to what extent should we nationalize, partially or whole, certain industries who seek government bailouts or nationalize industries/entities who refuse to invest in mitigating this crisis such as hospitals who refuse to invest in ventilators since this crisis might prove to be short-term?  What about the companies who charge exorbitant prices for said equipment?

Recovery rate as the Tell-Tale Sign?

So-called pundits have raised concerns about third world areas and the pandemics impact on them and their respective ability or inability to cope with this contemporary medical tsunami, areas such as Africa, Iran, etc. But the recovery rate of the West, particularly of the USA is not a good sign or omen either of things to come, especially as it relates to President Trump's desire to have a beautiful, unquarantined nation by Easter. Please see the data/chart below.

Too little, too late.” Dr. Colleen Smith

Stark stories of under-equipped hospitals such as the one below from the New York Times will become the norm unfortunately all across America if the trend doesn’t abate and improve:

Socialism in Venezuela serves up a blueprint for The West

Congress and the White House should steal a page from Venezuela with the next round of stimulus, Maduro announced 6-month rent suspension, guaranteed workers’ wages, while also banning lay-offs:

Not so Neutral: Switzerland closes all borders.

No Shortage: Ruthless hegemonic activity not in short supply as EU levies ridiculous fine against Italy as it fights COVID19:

India begins largest lockdown in history:India begins largest lockdown in history: